5 Strategies to Win Your Archery Tag Battles!

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1. Arrows = Ammos

Always remember to check your ammos (arrow) supply, never let it run out as it means that your opponent gets the upper hand. In archery tag, not everyone gets to be the “attacker” or “shooter”. Strategise your gameplay to have several “collectors” to stock up your ammos!

2. Turn sideways if someone’s aiming at you and you cannot duck

If you see your opponent nocking their arches in your direction, and you have got nowhere to hide, you might want to try turning sideways to lessen the surface area of your body exposed to your opponent. You can then immediately nock your arch to shoot at them after they have taken their shot. If you try to avoid their arrow by falling to the ground, you would then require additional time to stand before nocking your arrow, which gives them sufficient time to reload as well. 

3. Cover your teammates by firing at your opponents

Archery tag is all about effective teamwork and communication! Therefore, if your teammate wants to get from point A to point B, coordinate with him/her such that you shoot at your opponents’ direction the moment he/she starts running. Your opponents will then hide to prevent being shot by your arrow. This can be coordinated between several teammates to give that one person greater chance to move from point A to point B safely.

4. Catch the arrows

If you’re able to catch the arrow(s) directed at you, catch them! It can save you a whole lot of time and yourself from being shot when you try to pick it up from the ground. Teamwork makes the dream work. Thus, you could also try catching those arrows aimed at your teammates if you’re good at catching arrows – it might also make you look like a semi-prince charming 😉.

5. Hydration is key!

People tend to miss out on this point, but remember to drink up to recharge every now and then! Dehydration after running around and dodging for 10 minutes can seriously take a toll on your performance.