5 Reasons Why You Should Try Archery Tag

Mavis LUncategorized

1. It’s super fun!

I mean if you’re going to do something, it has to be something fun right? In Archery tag, you’ll have your enemies firing foam-tipped arrows in your direction in a hair-raising battle to the death, while you too will taste the sweet joy of shooting arrows at your friends or colleagues. Archery tag will certainly be exciting enough to pump those adrenaline in your body while keeping you safe enough to make you comfortable. Furthermore, you get to relive your favourite archer superhero in that 10-15 minutes match!

2. It counts as exercise

While most people dread exercising, it is essential to keep us healthy! Therefore, why not engage in something fun while keeping you healthy? Archery tag is the perfect team building activity that keeps you mentally and physically engaged. While you have to prep your team for a winning strategy, you also have to do lots of running, sliding, and diving. You’ll definitely work on your upper body strength, even with low weight archery tag bows. To be able to avoid the arrow hit you will have to move around like a real warrior. 

In addition to being physically active, a game or two of Archery tag can help with your emotional wellbeing as well! Engaging in any sort of physical activity is great for stress relief but with archery tag, you can go one step further. You’re working out and enjoying all the endorphins that brings, but you’re also engaging in combat, firing arrows, hitting opponents, and dominating the pitch. You can say, it’s a rush!

3. You can play Archery Tag anywhere

With Cohesion, you can book your archery party for any location you want. Condominium function room, the park near your house or a futsal court, you name it and we bring Archery tag to you. However, there are still a few things to keep in mind to ensure a safe and enjoyable game. For instance, the main combat field has to be obstacle-free and of a certain size. To be certain, please contact us to learn more about whether your preferred location is feasible to host an Archery tag game.

4. Suitable for groups of any size

When the weekend rolls around and you are looking for a fun way to spend your free time, it can be difficult to find an activity that accommodates a large group of people. Archery tag can generally accommodate groups of four to twenty! So you can bring the whole kampong if you want.

5. Archery Tag is a great team building activity!

Who says Archery tag is just people running and shooting foam-tipped arrows aimlessly? On the contrary, it helps teams bond and grow! Archery tag helps teams to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, thereby prioritising job scopes suitable for each individual. Additionally, it aids in creating deep bonds amongst team mates as players work together to accomplish the common objective. There’s so much team benefits that comes with a game of Archery tag that you should try it for yourself! Contact us here to book your next team building activity!