5 Reasons Why Team Building Works

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1. Fosters Teamwork and Boost Team Performance.

Team building activities (e.g. Laser Tag, Archery Tag or Bubble Soccer) work to improve workplace projects that involve teamwork because it helps the teams understand each other better. After completing team building activities together, employees better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This understanding helps them work even better together on future progress vital to a company. When everyone is contributing their best, it sets the tone for a positive work culture.  Each team is different and every individual has something unique to contribute. Once you can identify and encourage everyone to reach their individual potential, your team will be able to reach its collective potential as well.

Additionally, you might be surprised by the lack of trust amongst employees in the workplace. Although this doesn’t happen on purpose, trust needs to be earned. By allowing team building practices in your company, you will give your employees the change to build trust with their peers. When employees feel more trusting, they’re more likely to bounce ideas off each other and this could potentially increase productivity.

2. Collaboration and Embracing Innovation & Creativity.

People tend to have a larger imagination when they are around people they are comfortable with. Therefore, successful team building events not only bring people closer together, but they also contribute to a more successful and creative workplace. Everyday workplace collaboration is key to a successful business. You should consider team building games such as laser tag which allows for greater collaboration and creative strategy-making.

3. Communication

Well, it is no surprise that communication comes out as one the top reasons why people chooses to engage in team building activities. Everybody wants a friendly work environment, where people are comfortable and happy to talk to and work with anyone. Many companies such as AirBNB, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Singapore Air Force engage team building activities with goals of working on communication and trust. While this is a general goal for every office,  you may find certain areas of communication that could be focused on.

4. Reveals Hidden Talents

One of the bests parts of a team building event has to be watching employees reveal hidden skills or even identifying potential talents within the company. Many employees sometimes feel they’re not given an opportunity to show everything they’re capable of doing. However, in a more relaxed environment, they might lose some of those inhibitions and reveal some of their hidden skills. Plus, you will learn more about who they are as individuals. Read more about how a simple game like laser tag can help you identify hidden talents.

5. Team bonding, Fun and Motivation

Like after any sports team wins a major championship, they celebrate and have fun, which motivates them to want to win even more. This extreme example shows that the celebration, cheering, and fun that comes with every team building event can motivate employees to bring their job to the next level!

A successful team building activity will surely mean a more comfortable, successful workplace environment for any company, big or small. Are you ready to sharpen your team’s communications, skills, collaboration, performance, among other abilities? Check out some of our popular team building activities that will make your team operate as a knitted entity!