5 Online Team Building Game Ideas

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Who’s That?

Starting off with something simple, that you can host right off the bat with minimal logistics is a Who’s That game. Get someone to collate photos of their younger self, their parents, or even pets and get everyone guessing! This is something so simple that you could just organise it next week.

The Ultimate Cook-Off Challenge

Cooking has proven to be therapeutic to many, and some say it even brings out their inner master chef. The objective is for you, along with your team members to cook a delicious full course meal together virtually, while helping each other out and having fun. You may also have family members assist join in this activity. The best part about a virtual cook-off team building activity is that you get to bond, relax and collaborate with your colleagues which allows you to have a better relationship and deeper understanding with your team.


Show off your pictionary skills with Skribbl, which allows multi-players to join in the fun. See your colleagues struggle at drawing or even figuring the doodle out. Make wild guesses in the little the chat box available, or even ask for hints if you’ve run out of guesses.

A Minute To Win It With Kahoot

The quiz is in your hands with Kahoot where you can customise questions and answers according to the level of difficulty you want. Test your colleagues with multiple-choice questions or true-or-false questions. Fastest fingers first as the player who selects the correct answer fast scores major points. You can see how everyone ranks via the leaderboard. Hold a video call alongside to see the reaction of your co-workers when they get even the simplest question wrong.

Host Your Own Virtual Game Night

Scavengers assemble – create your very own scavenger hunt with items available in and around everyone’s house, or put those useless facts you’ve been collecting into a game of trivia with your most competitive colleagues. Split trivia nights into different themes like films, music, history, and pop culture, then assign someone in your crew to be the host and come up with the questions. The host should also be the admin for Zoom and Google Hangout chats. All participants will have to give their word that they’re not using their phones or any other means to cheat – it’s a game of trust too.