5 Ideas That Will Make Your Corporate Team Building Activity Stand Out


5 Ideas That Will Make Your Corporate Team Building Activity Stand Out

As a business owner, the morale and work ethic of the individuals under your command is of utmost importance. These qualities of a workforce can either lift up or tear down a company. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, we need our employees to not only work harder, but to also work smarter. In addition, one brilliant individual alone is unable to truly take the company to greater heights. What is required is a team of committed and dedicated individuals that are able to work well together to achieve the desired outcomes.

It is now more than ever that team building in the workplace is of vital importance to the success and longevity of the company. Through team building, improved open communication between you and your employees, as well as the communication between the employees themselves, can be developed. This will result in a growth of mutual understanding and co-operation and professional relations. Team building will also help improve employee morale and motivation, it will help you to earn their respect and trust and more importantly, they will learn to treat their co-workers in the same manner. All of the above mentioned will inevitably result in a more productive and efficient workforce that is able to produce a higher quality output.

If we all can agree on the importance of team building, let’s look at 5 interesting activities you can consider for the next company outing:

1. Laser Tag

Intensity, Strategy, Tactics. Laser Tag is the perfect activity for all age groups. You and your co-workers can sweat it out as you work together to reign victorious over the opposing team. If you’re based in Singapore, Cohesion is one of the leading providers of Laser Tag.

2. Escape Room

With a time limit and the fate of being murdered, the perfect conditions have been created for one of the most popular team building activities today. This activity is designed to be difficult and challenging for one but incredibly possible to overcome if all team members come together and work towards the objective! Employees can develop their communication, critical thinking, logic in a high pressure situation all while laughing and having fun with the people they share the weekday with.

3. Dodgeball

A seemingly extinct sport, Dodgeball has made a massive comeback in recent times to be one of the most popular activity when it comes to team building. What better than to be able to smash balls at your co-workers? Teams will work together to fight it out in a round-robin tournament with the objective of making it to the championship round where only one team may take the crown!

4. Painting

Not one of the first things you’d think of, right? Painting has proven to be an effective activity for co-workers to socialise with each other while nurturing and exercising their inner creative. It also offers an innovative way for individuals to work together toward achieving a final product. Painting has been steadily gaining traction in the past few years and companies are offering participants to paint under the guidance of professional artists.

5. Paintball

Paintball has long been a staple of team building activities, and for good reason. There are indeed few activities that can rival the physical and emotional input required by paintball, not to mention it’s strong teamwork-driven nature.

No matter who you are or where you come from, paintball is more you and with it’s focus on strategy and teamwork, it makes for a memorable experience for you and your employees.

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