5 Ideas to Explore for a Successful Team Bonding Session


5 Ideas to Explore for a Successful Team Bonding Session

There are many advantages of having a team bonding session; it brings up employee morale, encourages communication and creates a lasting bond between colleagues that they can take back to the work place. However, it is not often that there is a team bonding session that everyone can enjoy and learn from. Here’s a list that has some fresh and new team bonding ideas that will be sure to create a successful session that will benefit all!

1. Music Team Building

We love this new idea of employees coming together to create something they can all relate to: music. Catered even to the tone-deaf, or the musically inexperienced, this activity by Cohesion Sg will encourage teams to learn music, play an instrument and perform as a band. Fuelled by the music, employees will learn to set their differences aside and put their mind to learning a new skill and committing to the team as a band!

2. Dodgeball

If music isn’t your thing, here’s a great game that we remember from our childhood. Cohesion Sg also offers Dodgeball, and trust us, it will take you right back to your younger years. Remember when you vented your angst out by throwing balls at people you don’t like the most? Now that you’re older and well, more mature, you can hopefully enjoy a proper game of dodgeball!

3. Yoga Class

Ohm… Give the team some down time as they spend some time stretching it out on a yoga mat at The Yoga Co. Yoga commands a very present mind and to focus on nothing else but your breathing techniques. This will allow a good time to release all thoughts of the impending work load and focus on themselves and their well being.

4. Sweat it out at Zumba

If you crave a good sweat, sign up for a Zumba class at 1Fiesta. Holding classes every single day at many different timings, there is sure to be a slot that your team can come for together! There is nothing like a good old workout, pumping heart rate and released endorphins. A good workout of moves that involve aerobics and dance, the team will feel good together as they move their feet to the beat!

5. Sword Tag

The latest revolution to reach our shores, this is a fun game that involves the wielding of foam swords. A combination of laser tag and the fantasy of an intense sword fight, players are eliminated when a sword hits the special body sensors. Feel like your favourite characters in Game of Thrones fighting for their lives as you play out an epic sword battle with your colleagues at Sword Tag.