5 Ideas For Your Company Event That Will Make It Memorable For Everyone


5 Ideas For Your Company Event That Will Make It Memorable For Everyone

Did you know the average person spends 90,000 hours at work over the course of their lifetime? With all the stress buildup, never-ending assignments, early mornings and late nights, it’s easy to forget about what makes the job a little easier. Our relationships with our colleagues-turned-friends at work! Every year, we spend some time outside of the office for a bonding session. Why not make it a meaningful and fun one that will stand out for years to come? Whether it’s a sporty workout or a session to get in touch with your creative side, here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Terrarium Workshop

At Agaperium, it’s time to get creative while you get your hands dirty. Terrariums are all the range right now and now you get to learn how to make one! It’s time to create beautiful terrariums with live plants or even set up a vivarium of shrimp, crabs, lobsters and even hermit crabs. Best part? You get to take it back to the office and have some new pretty greenery for your workspace.

2. Sword Tag

It’s tag with a twist. Now at Sword Tag, you and your colleagues can run around like pirates or knights at fierce battle. Using realistic (but totally safe) foam swords, participants are eliminated when a sword hits special body sensors. Engage in thrilling sword fights with your colleagues as you dodge blades left right and center. What a great way to let loose and just have some fun. Duel on!

3. Music Team Building

Grab an instrument and begin to rehearse! No musical experience required. Music can really bring people together harmoniously, in more ways than one. Team Music offers a bonding session that will expose the creative side of your colleagues you will hardly see at the workplace. Come together to work on a musical piece and thereafter be challenged to perform it.

4. Perfume Making Workshop

What about a scent that is uniquely yours? At Jetaime Perfumery, you and your team can experience heightened senses as you mix together concoctions of fragrances. First, take a personality quiz so that you know yourself and what you like better. Then choose from over 400 ingredients, including Orchid oils, their specialty.

5. Kickboxing Class

The perfect way to vent out the inner stress and frustrations. At Active Red, you can learn all about this contact sport that many learn for self defence and general fitness. Improve your hand-eye coordination, core control and lightning speed reflexes with your team! This activity will improve cardio, muscular as well as mental endurance.

Looking for more games? Why not visit our adventure page for some fun activities to try with your team!