5 Habits to Avoid When Working From Home & How To Overcome Them

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Ordering takeouts and constant snacking 

Spending the day working from home often comes with the constant temptation to grab snacks from the kitchen. Furthermore, with the insane amount of food choices you can order off GrabFood, FoodPanda and Deliveroo, ordering a takeout seems like the most efficient way to get your meals settled. However, the unlimited access to food and snacks can easily lead to poor eating habits while working from home. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with snacks, but try to avoid the unhealthy potato chips and grab some fruit or nuts instead. Additionally, since you’re working from home, dedicate some time to whip some quick, simple and healthy lunches! Creating healthy eating habits is essential to staying healthy while working from home.  

Poor sleeping habits

Now that most people are working from home, it means that we save on the time commuting to office. Your longest journey now would likely be from your bedroom to the kitchen. With that, many of us have taken advantage of the extra 30-60 minutes commute time to sleep in. However, this may also mean going to sleep later than usual. Therefore, avoid waking up 5 minutes before the start of your morning meeting. Instead, start creating that habit to set an alarm every day and give yourself time to get ready in the morning before logging in. That also means going to bed at a reasonable time every night, giving you sufficient rest and a consistent sleeping pattern that is less likely to be disrupted when we are asked to head back to the office. 

Working from bed everyday 

We’re going to admit that it’s hard to resist the soft and comfy bed you have there. However, despite how convenient and comfortable it may seem at first, over time working from your bed on a daily basis will reduce your productivity and increase your back pain. *speaking from experience* Therefore, instead of falling into the temptation of working from your bed, create a work station for yourself. The new dedicated workspace will allow you to be more productive and get into a better work routine. If you need to switch things up, you may consider alternating between working from your living room table or kitchen table for a change in environment. 


Are you spending more time taking meeting calls in the evening? Not going into a physical office can make it difficult to determine when exactly should we “knock off”. An unhealthy habit that is common while working from home is clocking in way too many hours and not knowing when to disconnect. It’s important to keep track of hours spent on work and ensure you are taking breaks in between to prevent a burn out. Additionally, make it a point to establish a ritual to represent the end of your workday. This can be as easy as putting your laptop away, or closing your shutting the door of your home office. It is important to maintain a healthy work-life balance while working from home. 

Too much screen time 

We spend most hours of our days on screens. Apart from the fact that staring at screen lights all day can negatively affect our eyesight, it is also an unhealthy habit to get into. Therefore, make it a point to take a break away from phone, computer or tablet screens every 2-3 hours. Give yourself a break from those blue lights by pick up a hobby like painting, baking or rock climbing – something that doesn’t require you to look at your screen after work! Going for a walk or doing some household errands are a great way to stay healthy while working from home.

Promoting employee wellness is important, especially for remote workers. Healthy habits and daily routines are important to maintain structure and consistency in our lives. Having a routine also allows us to stay healthy while working from home. What are some of your work from home habits?