5 Fun Corporate Activities You Won’t Have To Risk the Sun For


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Going for your company’s team bonding session can be fun, but usually may cost you to spend some time in the sun, forgetting your sunscreen and coming back into office the next day sporting an ugly tan. Or worse – burnt! What if we told you that there are corporate activities that are just as fun, and completely sheltered? Hear us out, you won’t even need to see the light of day if you don’t want to!

1. Laser Tag

Here’s a fun indoors game that requires you to shoot at your colleagues with infrared beams. At Cohesion SG, you will be able to get the whole awesome experience in an enclosed space. Be reminded of your childhood games of tag with a seriously cool upgrade – lasers. Improve your communication skills as you stealthily sneak around aiming beams of light on bodies!

2. Trampoline Park

At Bounce SG, Singapore’s newest trampoline park, it’s like an indoor playground but better! Indulge in games of trampoline dodgeball as well as jump around in the free jumping area. You can even take turns plummeting yourself into the air and landing onto a soft bean bag that cushions the fall. It’s a great way to get adrenaline pumping and release stress by bouncing harder and higher!

3. Music Team Building

If the sporty stuff and sweating it out isn’t for you, why not try music team building? Bond through the language of groovy tunes and classical rock and find out what feeds the soul! At Team Music, you will learn how to play simple musical instruments and at the end, come together for a performance in a battle of the bands. Best part? No musical experience needed!

4. Yoga Class

Sweating it out naturally is better than exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays! In an indoor studio, you can opt for a team yoga class! Enjoy learning about different poses and the benefits of yoga at The Yoga Co as you flow through a yoga sequence. Learn to calm down and put your mind at ease as you make the first step towards a healthier lifestyle as a team today.

4. Art Jamming

In a room full of easels, paint over a blank canvas with your team as all of you get creative and in touch with your artistic side. At Artify Studio, which runs on a pay-as-you-wish system, they focus on providing a non-judgemental space for folks to paint and interact with the community. With all materials provided, what more could you wish for?

With so many indoor options to choose from, why would you ever plan another session in the scorching sun again? These options will have your team happy and complain-free!