5 Cool Locations to Throw Your Birthday Party You Should Definitely Consider


5 Cool Locations to Throw Your Birthday Party You Should Definitely Consider

Birthdays are always a good excuse to throw a huge celebration, get together with your friends and loved ones and make an unforgettable experience for another year revolved around the sun. Though, on our little island, options can get limited and boring. Here’s a new list of cool locations you can consider for birthday party!

1. Laser Tag

If you’re the sort that enjoys competitive games on your birthday with all your friends, why not try a game of Laser Tag? It doesn’t hurt like paintball, and you get to feel like a secret agent as you fire infrared beams at each other! Regardless of how old you’re turning this birthday, playing laser tag will get you laughing and screaming just like a little kid again. Enjoy the company of your friends and celebrate in style at Cohesion SG.

2. Gardenesia’s Farmstay Villas

Go back to nature and stay a night at a farm! Known as the atas kampong, Gardenesia Farmstay is located by the Kranji Countryside. Offering a package that includes a visit to the Kranji Farm, you can also pick and choose from many other activities such as mini-putting. Just like Bali, you can lounge by the infinity pools just outside your villa. Once you’ve finished taking pictures, unwind and enjoy the peace and quiet from our bustling city without even leaving Singapore.

3. Glamping

If you’ve always had an adventurous streak in you, there is an option for you to try the all new fad: glamping! Known as the more glamorous version of camping, you will now no longer have to deal with annoying mosquitos, uncomfortable sleeping bags and cooking from tins. Located at East Coast Park, Glamping Society will provide fabulous camping accessories in style; including fairy lights, air mattresses, hammocks and even a picnic package.

4. Bubble Soccer

You’re sure to have seen this on YouTube by now; a team of football players trying to play the game… but in a huge bubble! If not already hilarious to look at, test your footy skills as you accidentally (or purposely) bump into each other – just like our loved bumper cars at a carnival. Cohesion offers great rates on this fun game with friends!

5. Yacht Party

Really feel like a king or queen on your special day when you rent a yacht and sail out to sea. The perfect opportunity to impress your family and friends, here’s where you can enjoy the sun on your face, wind in your hair, and snap the perfect selfie for the ‘gram. Prices start from $220 all the way to $1000 at ONE15 Luxury Yachting, depending on your budget. This is definitely an idea to be the star of your newsfeed.