4 Tips for Improving Employee Relationship

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Employee relationship management is essential to a business success. Ultimately, its your employees who are operationalising your business. Thus, by effectively managing every employee relationship, your business can cultivate a winning culture that inspires employees to put their best effort forward in everything they do. Here are 4 actionable tips that you adopt to improve your company’s employee relationship.

Show That You Value Your Employees

While there’s always room for improvement for everything, motivating and providing actionable feedback always works far better than criticisms. Instead of dwelling on mistakes, you can start with showing appreciation for the hard work that they have done and give them the recognition for the things that they are doing right. Let them know that you value their contributions no matter how big or small they may be. Alternatively, incentives are also a great way to extrinsically motivate employee performance.

Engage Your Employees In Setting Business Goals

More often than not, the upper management involved in setting business goals aren’t aware of the situation and challenges employees face on the ground, making them feel like cogs in a machine instead of valued contributors to the process. Instead, engage your employees in leadership conversations. You have hired the best and the brightest minds who have valuable insight and ideas they can bring to the table. You might be surprised at how some of these insights may be overlooked by the upper management.

Invest In Your Employee’s Career Development

Every employee at your company can benefit from a career development path. For employees, it shows that you care about their progression at your company. On the other hand, as business leaders, it allows you to identify, align and develop talented employees, saving you hiring costs while reducing employee turnover in the process. Take this opportunity to re-assess the skills that each employee can being to the table and how you can adjust your employee’s roles to maximise their value to the company, without compromising your employees’ interest in how they can contribute to the company.

Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Your employees work hard to solve tough business challenges every day. Therefore, as an employer, the least you could do is support and care for your employees’ wellbeing. Employees who don’t feel they have the support of their company are less likely to stay long-term. Plus, you’re likely not going to get the best work from a bunch of overworked employees. However, on the flip side, employees who feel that their employer genuinely has their back tend to go the extra mile.

One way employers can show they care is to offer benefits that help facilitate a better work-life balance, like flexible work schedules, more paid time off, work from home opportunities, and quality health benefits. But letting your employees know that you care about their work-life balance extends far beyond just fringe benefits. It is also about not having to milk your employees, making them work a bunch of unpaid overtime.