4 Reasons Why Team Building Is Especially Important During A Merger

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Team building is crucial and should not be neglected during a merger. You may argue about the tangible benefits of team building during an ordinary work year but if you you’re involved with a merger or acquisition, you need to make time for team building activities to address the concerns that such change may bring about. Therefore, here are the 4 main reasons why team building is especially important during a merger.

1. Identify Culture

When you’re team building during a merger you want to think about story and conversation. Programs that include some type of story telling will allow participants to better understand your past, present and future – in other words, your culture then and now. This helps to reassure people, to reinforce the best of your old culture and to unveil your commitment to a positive and unified new culture.

2. Invite People In

You need to allow people to voice their insecurities and to better understand the new change. This should include a good mix of people from both companies and departments in a fun and inclusive team building activity such as laser tag or bubble soccer to form new relationships. The team bond that they build will help celebrate the powerful potential of the merger.

3. Create Synergy and Team Bonding

With the wide array of team building activities such as Laser Tag, Bubble Soccer and Archery Tag, you will be able to create a synergy and reduce resistance. This provides a catalyst that will break through barriers and initiated a better understanding of the benefits of the merger.

4. Show That You Care

When you provide time and resources for team building during a time of change, you need to show your workforce that you do care about what they’re going through. Provide a structured, safe and fun way for people to verbalize concerns, to ask questions and to better engage with their new culture. This is a powerful way to reduce the uncertainty that accompanies every merger or acquisition. Provide opportunity for departments or teams to gather with their respective leaders and ask questions. Be prepared to present the benefits and reasons for your merger but don’t try to sell it. Just tell it as honestly as you’re allowed to. Don’t feel you have to answer questions on the spot. Listening sessions can be good starting points. Follow through is vital. Have follow up sessions in which you respond to previous questions if there’s a need to.