4 Outdoor Team Building Activities You Do Not Have To Travel For!


4 Outdoor Team Building Activities You Do Not Have To Travel For!

So you’re planning your regular team building activity at Sentosa, Pulau Ubin, or some other remote part of the island. You’re excited at the thought of spending some quality time bonding with your colleagues but are secretly dreading the travel time it takes to get there. But wait! Who says the fun only begins there? Did you know that you can just as easily organise a team building activity right at the doorstep of your office? Here are some ideas to get you started, right in the area of your work space! Convenient, comfortable, and fuss free.

1. Archery Tag

It’s tag with a twist. Learn the artful skill of shooting from bows and arrows like Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. Players use foam tipped arrows to aim at others and are disqualified when they get hit by one. This new game is also known as a good way to destress and bond with colleagues! At Archery Attack, they pride themselves in creating an innovative environment for players to enjoy the game and devise strategies in order to win. With made to customise packages, they can also provide an experience right where you are!

2. Sword Tag

If archery and aiming for bullseyes aren’t your thing, how about a swashbuckling sword fight? Now at Sword Tag, you and your colleagues can run around like pirates or knights at fierce battle. Using realistic (but safe) foam swords, participants are eliminated when a sword hits special body sensors. Engage in thrilling sword fights with your colleagues as you dodge blades left right and center. What a great way to let loose and just have some fun, just around your office space!

3. Bubble Soccer

Just like normal soccer, except in a bubble suit. No previous soccer experience required. Sports can really bring people together and create a great sense of camaraderie! Bubble Soccer offers a bonding session that will expose the sporty and competitive side of your colleagues in a healthy and encouraging way. Bubble Soccer is also open to customise games and packages just for you, as well as be wherever you need them to be!

4. Yoga Class

The perfect way to find your inner peace amidst the workload and stress from office life. At The Yoga Co, you can plan a workshop session right at your doorstep. Whether you choose indoor or outdoor, yoga is good anywhere, anytime. With many different types of yoga, ranging from Hatha, Flow, Ashtanga or even Yin, there’s something for everyone. Improve your stretching, breathing, core work and feel rejuvenated with your team!

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