4 Occasions Laser Tag Is Suitable For

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Laser tag Singapore

1. Corporate Team Building Day

With corporate team building gaining popularity over the years, you might just be tasked to plan one for your company this year. However, you’ve got to take into consideration everyone’s preference, budget as well as the learning outcomes your company wish to achieve. Let us tell you something, Laser Tag is not only a really affordable option, but also suitable for everyone regardless of age or gender! Furthermore, Laser Tag promotes strategical thinking and leadership skills, and enhance communication, team work & camaraderie within teams! Check out our Laser Tag case studies with AirBNB, PWC and Far East Organisation.

2. School Team Building/Post-Exam Activity

School’s out, let’s scream and shout! While the exams are over, why not give the students chance to wind down and enjoy a game or two of Laser Tag? Who says Laser Tag can only be played by adults? Don’t forget, kids enjoy a good game as well. Not only would they be running and screaming around aimlessly, a Laser Tag game will actually hone some valuable soft skills. This includes communication, strategising, team work and much more. Furthermore, with kids glued to their devices 24/7, a Laser Tag game might just be what they need to get active!

3. NS Cohesion

Every NSman would be familiar with NS Cohesions. It’s a day out of the camp where you and your fellow servicemen are able to bond through activities outside of camp. And since you’re outside of camp, why not have some fun while bonding with your section-mates? This is where a Laser Tag game comes into play *pun intended*. Laser tag games help to build teamwork and camaraderie through the power of fun & play! Additionally, it also promotes learning outcomes such as leadership and communication which is hard to learn through books. Check out our case study with the Singapore Air Force.

4. Chill Hangout With Friends

Friend A: “Eh wanna go where this Saturday?”

Friend B: “Huh, don’t know leh”

Friend C: “Cafe hopping? Shopping?”

Does this sound like a frequent dilemma you and your friends face frequently? If so, we have good news for you. Why not consider a game of Laser Tag this weekend with your buddies? For as small as a 2v2 game, you guys are able have lots of fun and laughter, while staying active and fit altogether.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to book a fun-filled Laser Tag game with your colleagues, friends and family members!