4 Laser Tag Game Modes To Choose From

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By now you probably would have heard about Laser Tag and how it plays out. But did you know, there are different games modes that Cohesion offers? Laser Tag game don’t have to simply be running around aimlessly, shooting at anyone along your path. Instead, we have an exciting line up of game modes that will add variety to your team building activity. Here we go:

1. Domination

As an elite team in the secret service, you have to keep your nation safe from a hostile threat. In the Domination game mode, time is of the essence soldier. You will be required to work together with your team to eliminate as many enemy team players as possible within the allocated time. This game mode allows you to learn and understand your team’s strength and weakness which is an important first step to forming strong teams. This Laser Tag game will create a better understanding within your team and result in your team being able to assign the right job scopes to the person most suited for the task.

2. The Medic

In The Medic game mode, each team has one super soldier with a rare technology that allows him to revive fallen teammates. An “alive” medic allows “dead” teammates to revive. Therefore, the aim here is to eliminate the opponent medic to prevent “dead” opponents from reviving at each Laser Tag game. Eliminate all your opponents to win the Laser Tag match. Regardless of how long you’ve known your team, in this game mode, every team needs to constantly be engaged to be a tight-knitted operation. This game mode is an opportunity to build deep bonds amongst team mates as players work together to accomplish the common objective.

3. Capture The Flag

Your Laser Tag team will be given a flag which symbolises your nation’s freedom. Thereafter, your team will have to compete against each other to capture your opponent’s flag and bring it back to your homebase without getting tagged out (or “shot”). To make things even more challenging, teams can only start to capture the flag after a certain number of players have been killed. If a player is tagged out while carrying the flag, the flag has to be returned to the enemy’s base. Here, you get to practice strategic planning, teams will learn how to react as a team to unexpected situations not unlike the real life during gameplay. Furthermore, you get to put your team to the test on how well they communicate and interact with each other during this Laser Tag game mode and emerge as a much more stronger team after.

4. Protect The VIP

There is a VIP that your team has to protect at all costs. Teams will have to nominate one team member as the VIP of their team. The objective of both teams is to eliminate the VIP member. Once the either team’s VIP is eliminated, the Laser Tag game is over. This exciting Laser Tag game mode helps your team understand each other better, thereby prioritising job scopes suitable for each individual.

Interested in having a game or two with your friends and colleagues after reading about the different game modes we offer? Look no further! Contact us today to learn more or book your next adrenaline-pumping team building activity!