4 Ideas For An Exciting Team Outing That Will Entertain Even The Adventurous!


4 Ideas For An Exciting Team Outing That Will Entertain Even The Adventurous!

It’s that time of the year and HR announces yet another boring team outing session. You stifle a yawn and wish for something that can finally soothe your adventurous soul… Dragging your feet to these lame team outings that no one really wants to be at? Or perhaps you’ve done it all and nothing excites you anymore. It’s not too late! Here are some out of the box team outing ideas that will certainly provide an adventurous and memorable day with your co-workers and strengthen relationships within the office!

1. Escape Room

At The Escape Artist, only the bravest and the quick witted of teams will make it out in time. With different fantasy scenarios varying from Dracula’s castle to a zombie apocalypse, you and your team will have 60 minutes to try and escape from the locked room. Race against the clock as you put your brains together to solve puzzles and look for clues that will get you out in time! A good activity to boost camaraderie and teamwork, this will be unlike any other team outing you’ve experienced.

2. Laser Tag

Let’s face it, shooting things just makes you feel like a boss – even when you’re not the boss. Now you get to do so at Cohesion SG with a game of laser tag as you and your colleagues run around an arena shooting laser beams at each other. With specially powered rifles with infrared technology, experience the exhilaration of this thrilling game with a modern combat touch. Improve your communication skills and maybe even vent some inner frustration as you shoot ‘em guns!

3. Bubble Soccer

It’s everyone’s favourite sport but with a wicked twist! At Bubble Soccer, you get to play a game of soccer in a full on bubble armour suit. As you try to kick the ball and bump your colleagues out of the way, you can also test your physical strength and endurance all while laughing at your boss knocked over. This is both a great workout, a communication enhancer and a guaranteed good laugh to destress!

4. Pick up Ninjitsu

If you like Japanese culture and always wanted to be a stealthy shadow warrior, now you can learn the trick to be a ninja. At Singapore Ninjitsu, you and your team can learn all about the weapons that ninjas use along with the physical and mental discipline it takes to become a legitimate ninja. Footwork, defence, posture and breathing exercises will be touched on. Work your way up to achieve black belt status and perhaps you may now walk to the pantry without anyone knowing you were gone!

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