4 Fun Activities Your Corporate Event Can Feature To Be Hip and Cool


4 Fun Activities Your Corporate Event Can Feature To Be Hip and Cool

In this current day and age of advanced media, we’ve seen it all. We get bored easily, scrolling through the different platforms on our smart devices. We’re all in search of somewhere to be, something that will entertain us, something that’s… You know, cool. We are all looking for that extra something to bring to the table, especially at work. Here are some out of the box team ideas that will certainly spice up your corporate event, provide a great time for your co-workers and impress your boss!

1. Board Games

At MindsCafe, you can expect it to be more than just a boards game cafe. They also can bring the games to you and cater to corporate events! How cool would it be to play Saboteur against your boss? With over 500 games available for you to choose from, that range from strategy war games to good old Monopoly, there will be something for both the inexperienced novice and the king of the console! A good activity to boost camaraderie and teamwork, this will be unlike any other corporate event you’ve experienced.

2. Sword Tag

Always wanted to get into a swashbuckling sword fight with your mates? Now you get to do so at Sword Tag with a game of sword tag as you and your colleagues run around like pirates or knights at fierce battle. Using realistic (but totally safe) foam swords, participants are eliminated when a sword hits special body sensors. With physical games such as Sword Death Match and strategy games like Sword Saboteur, the fun you have will be on point.

3. Music Bonding

When words fail, music speaks… Grab a guitar, keyboard or a pair of shakers and join in the fun! Be amazed at how music can bring your team together harmoniously, in more ways than one. Grouping your team into different bands, Team Music sets challenges such as performing a rock version of your company theme song! It will be a bonding session that will expose the creative and melodic side of your colleagues you will never see at the workplace.

4. Cooking Class

If you enjoy watching episodes of MasterChef and have a team of colleagues who always pick the up and coming cafes to hit during your lunch break, you may like to consider a cooking lesson for your next corporate event! At Palate Sensations, you and your team can learn all about what it takes from experienced and dedicated chefs themselves. Skills such as time management, leadership qualities and task prioritisation will all come into play. Bon appétit!

Looking for more games? Why not visit our adventure page for some fun activities to try with your team!