4 Bubble Soccer Game Modes

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Bubble Soccer is a popular team building activity that has definitely left many people with big smiles. It is a high-energy team building activity that also engages everyone in the team to play it recreationally. Although Bubble Soccer may look like a rough game at first, it is actually a great way for you to break off from all formalities and professionalism at work. For a start, wearing the Bubble Soccer suit already looks ridiculously amusing. The fun and laughter begin when you start with the different games. So if you are new to Bubble Soccer, here are a few game modes that can be played with your Bubble Soccer suit on:

1. Bubble Dodgeball

Bubble Dodgeball is all about strategy and physical prowess combined as participants try and eliminate each other by knocking each other down. Once a player is down, he has to stay down for the rest of the round. When all players in the enemy team is down, your team wins! This game mode help team members to understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses, thereby prioritizing job scopes suitable for each individual.

2. Bubble Captain

Bubble Captain is the ultimate battle of brains as participants have to devise a strategy to get their captain from their base to the enemy’s base. Teams must defend their own base at the same time. This game mode help team members practice strategic planning so that teams will learn how to react as a team to unexpected situations during gameplay.

3. Bubble Soccer

It’s soccer but upgraded with bubbles! Bubble Soccer involves trying to get the soccer ball into the goal, while donning giant inflatable suits at the same time! Definitely not for the faint at heart. This mode helps to create deep bonds amongst teammates as players work together to accomplish the common objective.

4. Bubble Invasion

Bubble Invasion is a game mode which requires teams to come up with a plan on how to bring their team and invade the opponent’s territory. The team that manages to invade the fastest wins! This Bubble Soccer game helps teams create deep bonds amongst teammates as players work together to accomplish the common objective.

Try out any of our 4 game modes for yourself! You’d be amazed what you and your team members can take away from just a simple game of Bubble Soccer. Not only will you get a sweaty fun day out with your colleagues, you’d also be able to understand your team members on another level and learn to communicate more efficiently with them. Book your session with us today!