3 Ways To Keep Team Morale High During Difficult Times

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it numerous challenges for businesses big and small around the world. And one new hurdle for managers and HR professional have to deal with includes the declining workplace morale as researches have shown that disengaged employees can cost companies up to $350 billion a year in lost productivity. Therefore, as we start adapting to our new normal, it is time for leaders and managers to reignite enthusiasm amongst teams and employees. Here we will discuss 3 actionable ideas to increase employee morale and bring your team back to top productivity!

Engage In Candid Conversations About Where The Company Is Heading

Uncertainty can weigh heavily on your team. Thus, our first tip to support your employees during difficult times is to be open and honest about the direction the company is heading in. During these uncertain times, it is extremely important to carry along every member of the team by letting them know vital details about the company’s position, priorities, and strategies put in place to stabilise and thrive through this unpredictable season. This gives employees a sense of direction, control, and purpose as they continue to strive hard for your company! Additionally, we want to over-emphasise on the importance of being transparent and communicate clearly in your decision-making. This ensures that your¬†team understand the tasks to be done and why they are essential.

Streamline Workflows & Celebrating Every Win

During this time, it’s important to celebrate every achievement, regardless of how small. Your employees need confirmation that their work is valued and that they’re making a tangible impact. Each week, you can highlight at least one achievement. You’ll soon find that calling out little wins boosts morale, productivity, and confidence across your teams. Additionally, you should take this time to streamline your team’s workflow so that employees can focus on the meaningful and high priority projects. We understand that it may seem tempting to pile on additional work on your employees’ plate now that everyone’s working from home. However, on the contrary, it would help them immensely if you could lighten their workload so that they¬†manage their personal lives in tandem with work during these times.

Organise Optional Fun Virtual Team Building Activities Or Encourage Rest

Different personality types recharge in different ways. For instance, an introvert needs to do so in solitude while an extrovert craves more people-time to relax and soak in positive energy. Therefore, consider scheduling regular open hours to get your team’s mind off the madness. During this time, employees can choose to stay offline and recharge, login but not participate, or join in and engage in virtual happy hours and other online team building activities. You should check out some Virtual Team Building Ideas That Work and Creative Ideas For A Virtual Team Connection.