3 Ways To Encourage Your Boss To Pay More Attention To You

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Due to the increasing competitiveness in the corporate world, it can be a real challenge to stand out from the crowd of highly talented individuals. However, don’t have your motivation and positivity crushed just yet! Here are 3 tried, tested and foolproof tips to encourage your boss to pay more attention to you.

1) Plan ahead & be proactive

Being an ordinary employee by just doing what’s assigned to you just isn’t gonna catch your boss’ attention. Learn to be proactive and show interest in your boss’ actions plans and make a list of tasks that you can contribute in. If it’s within your bandwidth, do not hesitate to go that extra mile to develop drafts and plans for any upcoming projects. In addition to standing out, this also sends out clear clues to your boss that you are indispensable to the company. Moving forward, if your strategies turn out excellent and you continue to put in a consistent effort, your boss will learn to rely on your more. Who knows, you might be in for a promotion in near future.

2) Punctuality and optimising profits

I know I know, this sounds really “duh”. But it’s the basic things that never go out of demand. A rule of thumb is to never give your boss the slightest chance to charge you with irresponsible behaviour. Therefore, you should always keep within assigned timelines, or better still, have them completed and submitted ahead of time. If you want to further stand out, put in the extra time and effort to develop a feasible strategy that helps scale your solutions efficiently, minimise costs and maximise profits at every step. Trust us, every boss favours an employee who can reduce costs or bring in large profits in a short amount of time.

3) Collaborate and be a team player

You are a simple human being and there is so much you can contribute to the company as an individual. However, effective teams require people with different strengths to work together in new ways and at greater speeds to achieve top-notch results. Furthermore, teamwork generates greater dynamic, innovative ideas. You could also take the lead to bring people together to boost your team’s bond through team building activities away from work. This can be in the form of laser tag, archery tag or even bubble soccer. Not only will everyone get to have a fun day away from the screens, everyone’s gonna benefit a thing or two from such team building activities.