3 Ways To Create A More Human Team

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Even way before the pandemic hit, our highly connected world has made it hard interact with the human behind the computer screen. Let alone post-pandemic where everyone’s working remotely from home. This effect of our rapid advancement made it so much easier to work with people around the world, but harder to truly connect with our those around us. As a result, human resource managers are now faced with a new challenge – to create a more human workplace. With mental health issues on the rise, creating a human environment can make the difference between a strong, engaged team, and high turnover coupled with low productivity.

Supporting Your Team In All Levels

The ability to offer someone support is not the same as fixing everyone’s problems. Rather, it’s providing the resources your team members need to empower them to help themselves and others. These can come in the form of physical tools and resources or simply interactions between people.

– Mentorship and Coaching

How do you help your people develop and grow by helping each other? Implementing a mentorship and coaching program at work can help your leaders develop their leadership skills, becoming better communicators and problem solvers while giving your up-and-coming talent a chance to grow and flourish.

– Training and Development

Offer training and development opportunities to help your people upskill or learn new skills. Doing so shows that you care about your employees’ goals and aspirations, providing them with the support they need to progress.

– Resources

What do your employees need to do their job and do it well? Is it certain software that is currently unavailable to them? Or a better engagement program to keep them productive? It is important that you establish a platform for them to share what they need to do their job well and provide them if possible.

Celebrating Successes As A Team

While your accounting team may not have been directly involved in your new product launch, chances are they ran the financials to ensure the project was viable and kept things running smoothly so that there would be money to fund the project. What many people fail to realise when it comes to business is that everyone has a piece of the pie. Even the smallest of contributions have a ripple effect and make larger successes possible. Thus, successes should be celebrated collectively as a team. Highlight achievements and take the time to address individual departments within an organization. Show your people how they contributed to overall success on a macro level.

To create a human workplace, you must also take time to acknowledge the efforts and achievements of team members. When someone goes out of the way to work on a task, highlight their efforts to the team. Take the time to appreciate people for their work, and encourage your employees to do the same. Whenever possible, it also helps to acknowledge and celebrate successes outside of work. For instance, if someone finished their Master’s program, let people know. If an employee trained and ran a marathon, congratulate them. Take time to show people that you see them and the things they are doing to improve.

Work Hard, Play Harder

Encourage people to work hard by encouraging them to have even more fun. Let everyone take some time away from their computers to connect on a human level. Offer opportunities for team building and collaboration both in and out of the office. You could arrange for team building day to enjoy team building activities such as Laser Tag, Archery Tag and even Bubble Soccer.

One of the key challenges technology has presented is the ability to set boundaries and shut off the work-minded brain for an extended length of time. While the ability to conduct business from one’s smartphone is convenient when on the road, it also leads to checking work emails before bed or while on vacation. Additionally, people get plugged into their screens and rarely come out to socialise while at work. Therefore, set up an area and time for your employees to chill and sip their coffee. By doing so, it gives them a chance to recharge and become more productive. Remember work is a marathon, try sprinting it and your team will burn out in no time. The only takeaway – create opportunities for play and relaxation to keep your people interactive and engaged with the team.

Creating a more human workplace will boost your productivity and create a positive atmosphere that people look forward to working in. Technology has made a lot of jobs easier, but it will never replace the human touch of a workplace.