3 Ways To Build The “Family” Team Spirit

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I bet you’ve heard your friends telling you that they’re heading to their colleague’s place to chill, or meeting them to hangout outside of office hours. However, you just don’t seem to find that breakable “family bond” within your team. You may already know that team building is crucial to your business success. So, how do you build that strong team spirit? Here’s the trick, teams that forge a common bond and share positive experience work together better when things area going well; and when things are tough. Here’s 3 things you can do to build this spirit.


Fun no doubt goes hand in hand with team bonding, which is a step to building that “family” spirit. And positive experience helps to build engagement. When we’re having genuine fun, we’re not bored. And when we’re not bored, we’re all able to better tune into each other and work toward a common mission.

Playing team building activities such as Bubble Soccer creates opportunity to let loose and have fun while getting to know each other better. To make things more inclusive, invite your employees to suggest and vote for their favourite team building activities they may want to bring in for this activity.

Team Lunches

Team building activities can be the top of mind when it comes to team bonding. However, this is often done so outside working hours where some may be apprehensive about. Even if you choose to do it during working hours, it eats into the time your employees spend to get work done. Therefore, a simple and effective solution to this is to build team spirit is over lunch since everyone needs to eat any way! It’s a good idea to get your team out for lunch outside during a good weather as it can really shift energy and create opportunity to bond while leaving their working minds behind!

Music & Songs

Everyone speaks the language of song. So, it doesn’t take much convincing to understand how songs can help to build team spirit. Music and song is one way to get your entire team motivated and engaged. And everyone has favourite songs that spells a significant part of their lives.