3 Ways to Add Flavour to your Laser Tag game!

Mavis LUncategorized

The best thing about a laser tag game is that by using your gear and a little imagination, you’d be able to create a live-action video game adventure! But maybe you could spice your laser tag game up another notch with the following ideas:

Scavenger Hunt and Obstacle Courses

A little challenge may just get a team to work together and think of how to break the clues which leads them to their next big prize. All you need to do is set up obstacles which require participants to crawl through, over or under. Stations can also be set up stations where a puzzle must be solved to get through the next station. Additionally,  targets can also be included to  shoot by placing a sensor on a moving object or a tricky space in order for each team to complete the challenge and earn the next clue. In the event that two teams cross paths, they will have a laser battle! Teams that are hit the most will receive a penalty (e.g. waiting for 5 minutes before they can continue with the hunt. At the end of the course, winner who completes the Scavenger Hunt or Obstacle Course in the shortest time will win!

Capture the Flag and Superhero Adventures

Teaming up to take down another team is a great way to create a fun and friendly competitive game. Firstly, you’ll need to decide on what the prize or end goal will be. This can be in the form of a flag, an item or a person. Next, teams will decide who will guard and who is going to go after the other team’s prize. The playing field can then be a maze, or a darkened arena with hiding spot. Finally, the first team to capture the opponent’s guarded prize wins!

Haunted Maze

If you have a bunch of daredevils, you might want to explore having a spooky good time in a maze filled with ghosts, zombies and other creepy crawlies. You just need to simply create a maze and choose your theme of monsters. Every team can take turn to be humans and monsters. To complete the maze, a team must defeat all the monsters along the way and get to the “safe zone”/end point. If any player have been tagged by one of the monsters, they must go back to the beginning and restart. The team who completes the maze in the shortest time wins!