3 Tips to Boost Team Morale

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There are many reasons that projects fail. Many challenges are rooted in team participation and engagement. While managing a team and boosting employee morale is hard, it might not be just as hard to keep employees happy, engaged and productive. Here’re some of our top 3 tips to boost your team’s morale!

Recognise individual and group achievements

Morale tends to damper when people feel that their work is not being recognised or appreciated. When employers look to reward their employees for consistent hard work, they think of offering a raise and promotion. On the contrary, smaller-recognition (e.g. a simple congratulatory email or announcement during town hall meetings) may actually go a lot further and cost so much less! The goal should be to create an environment where people feel appreciated.

Make time for FUN

As much as “work” and “fun” are not mutually exclusive terms, you can choose to inject some degree of fun in the workplace. This can be in terms of taking a day off for a corporate team building day where everyone gets away from the desks to have some fun! This not only boosts team morale, it also strengthens teamwork, and other interpersonal skills.

Cohesion offers a highly customised team building activity for companies of any size. What’s best, we have a dedicated team of facilitators that’ll ensure that you team achieves its team building day objectives. Plus, you’d probably be spoilt for choices given the wide array of activities we offer.

Change up the routine

Morale can sink when the office starts to feel like a machine line. Changing up the routine can have a dramatic effect on morale even if the changes are temporary or subtle. This can be in terms of having a catered team lunch once a week, the flexibility to work from home or even having a stocked pantry!

Team members and managers all play an important role in moving projects along, but with great power lies great responsibility. Leaders and managers can kill employee motivation much faster than they can boost it and much more readily than team members themselves. So as a leader now, what kind of employees do you want to have?