3 Review Questions For Every After-Action-Review (AAR)

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Teams are often formed and disbanded for the purposes different projects and that every member has an important role to play in, regardless of how big or small the part is. Regardless how badly or well done the project went, your team(s) should always sit down to reflect these 3 big questions during your After Action Review (AAR) Session to ensure constant improve within the team moving forward:

1. The Best Decision You/Your Team Have Made

Start off the meeting with a light hearted mood. Thank the team, give them a pet in the back and congratulate them for completing the project. Reviewing and evaluating what was the best decision made has got to be the most important step of the AAR as it might have impacted the project in a positive way. This might even be a good key learning point for others to take note while doing similar projects in the future. Think about your thought process, how you ended up making that decision, and it would be easier to make good decisions for the rest of the projects.

2. Your Greatest Regret – AKA What Can Be Improved

While your team may have done 100 good things, there may just have been one small thing which would have made your team’s project perfect. Reflecting on your greatest regret definitely improves yourself as a person in a team and prevents having those regrets in the future. Additionally, other teams may also learn from your mistakes or regrets such that they have preventive measures to avoid similar occurrence.

3. What Should We START, STOP and CONTINUE

Given the root causes uncovered, what should we do next, now that we know what we know? To conclude your AAR, you want to summarise and conclude your meeting with an actionable plan for both your team(s) and others. This helps set the direction and a reminder for everyone in future projects.

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