3 Reasons Why Team Competition Matters

Mavis LUncategorized

Humans are great at convincing ourselves to take the path of least resistance. That tiny voice in the back of our head encourages us to do so – to take the easy way out and avoid the stress of tough decisions. Perhaps this is because we’ve been taught to avoid conflict and competition throughout our formative years. But team competitions is crucial and here’s 3 reasons why.

1. Team building aka building the team spirit

Team competitions can actually help to build team spirit by having everyone on the team work together towards a common goal. When you start identifying each member’s strengths and weaknesses, you learn something new about them. This sparks conversation and get the team closer than they started. A good team is one that makes each member feel confident and trusted!

2. Having each other’s back!

Through team competitions, you actually get the chance support one another! It’s about having someone to help you out when you made a bad call, and having that certain someone that can help to unleash your hidden talent.

3. Dealing with setbacks

There’s only two outcomes from a competition, you either win, or you lose. While everyone strives to win, there are occasions where we lose to a stronger opponent. And this is not a good feeling. Some choose to accept defeat gloriously, while others play the blame game. Therefore, team members learn to deal with setbacks which can be translated back to the office.

Therefore, incorporating friendly competitions into your team building activities such as Bubble Soccer and Laser Tag might just do you well. What are you waiting for? Contact us to book your next friendly competition today!