3 More Simple Yet Effective Employee Retention Ideas

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In our last article, we discussed about the costs of turnovers, importance of retaining good employees and 3 simple yet effective employee retention ideas. Thus, we feel that there’s a need to share with you 3 more ideas to retain good employees in your organisation!

1. Identify Workplace stressors

Workplace stress factors are the primary causes of high employee turnover as prolonged workplace stressors lead to physical and psychological disorders such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, stress, burnout and more. Some common workplace stressors include insane workload, unrealistic expectations, lack of recognition, conflicts, poor communication, and harassment.

As conscious managers, you must keep an eye out for these common workplace stressors. Having a sound action plan and guidelines in place is crucial to prevent such cases. Additionally, to promote good communication habits, a structured corporate communication tool can be adopted. Team building activities such as laser tag and archery tag can also be used to practice and good communication skills.

2. Foster and promote wellness

A healthy and balanced lifestyle helps to collectively improve one’s mood, which improve employee motivation and leads to employee retention. Additionally, healthy employees are more productive and absenteeism is much less among them. You can consider to start off by offering free healthy snacks, membership to a gym, or employee health, and fitness mobile application.

3. Go a little crazy with benefits

A pay raise may have proven to boost employees morale and motivation. However, this effect tends to die off really quickly. Raising salary is more like a quick-fix to a much larger problem in hand.

Employee Benefits, on the other hand, helps in achieving long-lasting employee happiness. When your employees receive something above and beyond their salary, it reflects the company’s goodwill. Well-planned and meaningful employee benefits especially help in attracting and retaining millennial employees. Company-sponsored yoga classes, gym memberships, free food, pet-friendly office spaces are some unique benefits ideas.