3 Archery Tag Game Modes Shake Things Up

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Ever wanted get your hands on a bow and arrow after watching cool movie characters nock their bows? Well, Archery Tag is one place you can do so in a safe and equally fun manner! Not only is shooting arrows at your friend fun, the best part is – no one gets hurt! At Cohesion, we don’t only get our participants to run around the play area shooting aimlessly at their opponents. Instead, here are 3 game modes which you can choose from to enhance your Archery Tag experience.

#1 Death Match

Archery Tag players will have to shoot their opponents with the foam-tipped arrows at their opponents, upon which successful contact will eliminate them from the game. If a player catches an arrow shot at them with their hands or knocks out a foam target, they will be able to bring an eliminated player back into the game. Winners of the game will be decided when a team eliminates all their opponents or knock out five targets placed in the centre of the play area.

#2 The Medic

Each team appoints one medic. A “live” medic allows “dead” teammates to revive. Eliminate the opponent medic to prevent opponents from reviving. Eliminate all 5 opponents to win the game.

#3 Protect the VIP

Each team appoints one VIP. VIP will not be made know to the opponent team. Eliminate the opponent VIP to win the game.

These Archery Tag game modes are awesome because they bring about some educational value. Learning outcomes from these Archery Tag game modes include, but is not limited to fostering deep and meaningful bonds amongst team members. This is the result of players having to work together to accomplish the common objective. Additionally, Archery Tag games help teams to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, thereby prioritising job scopes suitable for each individual.

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