3 After Work Activities Ideas

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If you’re like any regular working adult in Singapore, you probably spend at least approximately 8 hours a day, 5 days a week sitting in front of your desk/computer, working. By the time you get home, you feel sluggish, and after dinner, you’ll probably be going to sleep early. Does this sound like a routine that you go through every day? Then maybe you can spice up your/your colleagues’ work life with some activities we’re about to share!


It is said that food is a common ground that brings people together, and with the wide variety of cuisine and options in Singapore, you’d probably take years to finish conquering all the delicacies! I mean you’ve still got to eat dinner after office hours, so might as well go hunt for the most exotic, or hipster-ish cafe with like-minded colleagues!

Engage in team building games

Grab a few colleagues and go do something different, go learn something you don’t know about them! Engage in a game of Laser Tag, Archery Tag or Bubble Soccer after work to chill out and exercise together! It’s definitely an activity full of fun and laughter and it actually forms much stronger bonds.

Pick up a new hobby

Sign up for an account with ClassPass, or maybe get your HR to establish a corporate ClassPass account. This way you can head on out for yoga, spin, HIIT or even bouldering sessions with your colleagues. You not only get to bond with them, you keep yourself looking and feeling good! Otherwise, sign up for a cooking or pottery class to pick up a new skill and hobby!